Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Epic Urbex Day Pt 1: Main Drain

March 10th...this will be a day that will live long in my memory.  Met up with a few other friends to hit up two big locations of the Colorado urbex scene.  Our first target was Main Drain in the Boulder area.  Unfortunately, the two others I was with were unable to squeeze through the grate, so I was the only one able to get in.  Because of this, I didn't stay long but I was able to see some of the drain and snap off a few photos.  This drain is awesome. Large, long and many side passages. I took one side passage that I saw to have light at the end, and was very much startled when a car tire whizzed by just inches from my face.  I definitely plan to get back to this drain, so keep watching here for a follow up exploration.

 First look inside Main Drain

I'm in!

But he's not. 

 The wonder that lies behind the grate. 

The main tunnel. 

The drain on the left is leads back to the grate and entrance. The one on the right leads to a four way split. 

Peering down the larger drain. Where the two halves meet. 

The four way split. The second from the right, with the light, leads right next to the street. 

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