Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hidden Homes of Hoyt

Hoyt.  A small, unincorporated community on Colorado's eastern plains.  Not much remains.  A handful of occupied houses, the community cemetery and some abandoned houses just waiting to be peaked inside of.
The only claim to fame that Hoyt has is that the nearby Hoyt Radio Tower is the tallest tower in Colorado and one of the tallest towers in the world.  It stands tall at 1,996ft.   Otherwise, not much other than tornadoes will ever bring the layperson out this way.
But...for the explorers and adventurous folks, there are some hidden gems of abandoned houses standing silently amongst the prairie grass.  Myself, along with Hanging Negatives Photography and Perspective Images Photography headed out this way to peak inside these homes.  We hit up the old Teague House as well as two other houses just down the street.   Surprisingly they are all in good condition.  Floors and walls are deteriorating, but due to their off-the-beaten-path nature, they are untagged and have well preserved artifacts.   Due to fast fading sunlight, we had less than an hour to enjoy and document these places.  

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